10 amazing movies you can watch to celebrate this girl child day

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24th of January happens to be the National Girl Child Day and we have curated a list of movies that will ensure you right doses of celebration for being a girl child. And for the male counterparts, you will just feel even gladder that these beautiful creatures walk the earth.



I doubt there would be anybody who can deny seeing this film. And even though seen a million times, you can always go back to it. Literally, a Cinderella dream, with the only difference that not a Prince Charming, but it’s you who’s saving the day. This film will is the right amount of confidence boost you need to feel amazing because you are amazing!


A girl child in a lot of places is condemned and criticized anyway for being a liability; life is only bound to get worse when that girl child is going to give birth to another child while being a kid herself. A beautiful film revolving around an American teenager getting accidentally pregnant and choosing to take the baby up for adoption instead of aborting it and a series of emotions between the characters; this film magnificently celebrates the girl child and womanhood in all its glory.


Accepting ourselves and knowing that we all special and beautiful is the best way. Tale of any teenage girl swinging between acceptance for being the cool or hot one and guys of course and an ongoing tug of war of friendship, this movie is a must watch.


A very recent musical drama and a coming-of-age film portraying harsh reality of still prevalent female feticide, domestic violence, child marriages and curbing the dreams of young girls. It portrays how a mother saves her daughter to live and helps her in living her dream against the odds of an overbearing husband and that the dreams do come true if we make them happen.


A girl is as capable and equivalent to the guys and deserves all the same benefits on the humane grounds. Breaking the barriers of castes, creeds, sex, geographical boundaries and the cuffs and clutches, this film is all about cheers of dreams and making them come true! Not just that, this film clearly says that a lady is beautiful whether lean or fat, tall or short, speaking affluent English or breaking bones, she is power.


Warriors do not do not always need swords and guns nor do the superheroes always wear the capes, sometimes it’s just a little heart and some bravery that makes the difference. Based on a true incident and life of Neerja Bhanot, this film celebrates conquering fears and daughterhood and we feel it through the film to keep her on a pedestal.


Daughters are gems for the fathers. While watching this film, it gives one a feel of peeking into somebody’s house through a window and looking at a regular day. It beautifully brings out a father-daughter relationship.  An ace working woman also brilliantly taking care of her home and her father and a father possessively and protectively caring for her; what daughters are to fathers and vice-versa, this film says it all.


A girl is not immoral if she comes home late or drinks or has male friends, she is not ill charactered to be independent and to know what she wants and to say ‘NO’ when she wants. It’s a film that reflects the low thinking of the society and encourages and empowers women that ‘their will matters’. Breaking major records, this a film that should top your list!  


Child molestation and suppression and the consequences they lead to. We all feel this film and the emotions of the protagonist as we watch it. Initially captured and kidnapped and finally breaking free from the shackles of her past, there is an unexplained beautiful and calming air about this film in spite of being based on Stockholm syndrome. The background score and especially the song ‘Patakha Guddi gives you all the right feel you need.   


Whether it’s Anna Hathaway slaying as Andy or Meryl Streep being WOW-SASSY boss as Miranda, either ways you’ll feel inspired looking at these two headstrong women characters. You can always get what you want and a woman can lead, this movie is endless with lessons and each one just so beautiful. Giving all the right goals and inspiration, this film is just the right pick to celebrate the Oh-So-Rocking females and to go after your dreams. Go, Girl!


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