Some amazingly good Short Films that you can watch on this Republic Day

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It’s the 69th Republic day of our beloved India and we are all high and happy with pride! And while you all would have already watched the Republic Day Parade, in case thinking how to have a good patriotic feel, we’ve got it all sorted for you.

This day is not just to feel great today and lose it all tomorrow. Nor is this the way to feel glorious about the history and forget about making a better present and future. So, let’s make a change, for the better, for us, for them, for all, starting with ourselves and then like a wave, everywhere.

Get your movie glasses on!

THE COURIER – Story Of A Mysterious Courier

Sadly, we are pretty much aware of our system where everybody complaints, nobody works for it. We all want the cake, but nobody wants to make it.  Brilliantly metaphorically put, this film keeps you stuck to the screen until the end, leaving you with that smile on your face, hope your heart and passion on your nerves. Will you take this courier? I will.


Starting from January 25th midnight to January 26th midnight, it seems like somebody has pressed a hidden-default-patriotisms-button inside us which quickly goes dormant with the end of the Republic Day. Painting faces and matching clothes the tricolor, flags in your houses, on your cars and at the buildings, Desh Premi geet on the radio and talking history; is that all just about one day?

Watch this film.


Times have changed. Technology has taken over people and relations have become merely a virtual reality. It’s not just the social-political situations that matter, it’s the hearts and happiness and yes, family and values. Oh well, whether sober or high, you might want to take a hint from this film and implement it immediately. Roger that. (Cheers!)


While the nation proudly celebrates this glorious day, there is a beautiful state in our country called the Paradise of the World that silently weeps and asks for its happiness and peace. War is never an answer. Hearts do not get caged in wired boundaries; Orange or green, they both look equally beautiful when splashed on white, rather more vibrant when together; just because somebody said it, we are not enemies, and nobody is.

This film will leave you smiling with tears in your eyes and overwhelming waves of emotions. A personal recommendation.

That Christmas Night

Well, not really a Patriotic film at all, but why we choose this? This Republic Day, why not widen our horizons and walk pasts the negativities? Respect the uniqueness of thoughts and freedom of expressions. Believe, believe that things work out if not one, but the other way, but they always do. Highlighting a different perspective, try on, how republic you are.

Wishing you all you Indian a very Happy Republic Day!


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