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Life stories and realities turning into films become documentaries. And when you make up stories to seem as rather realities and fiction in the looks and likes of a documentary, now that’s what you call mockumentaries. Thus, clearly, mocking the documentaries.

Not so widely known a genre, but there are a few really amazing mockumentaries as films and T.V. shows that you must not be missing on. Check them out from our picks!

THE OFFICE  Image Courtesy : Quick Base

Oh we all have our troublesome office tales and we only know what a relief it is to let out all the bitching and sighs along with fun. What better than a complete show doing it for you most hilariously? Well this is your destination mate!


Image Courtesy : IMDB

Not your regular vampire thing with blood sucking and black capes, neither is this another Twilight story. Vampires can be cool too, you know! And maybe, it’s this human world making life difficult for them. Watch these cool Vampire chaps trying to keep up with doing chores, paying rents and dealing with a human life. It’s super amazing!

ZELIG                                                                     Image Courtesy : The Guardian

Okay, disclaimer, major reason to check it out is because, hey, Woody Allan. It’s a documentary (like a documentary in a mockumentary, get that, right?) about a man who can disguise and turn like into anybody around and have a time of his life; something we all want to try.


Image Courtesy : wmmfilm.com

Ask cinematography students and budding film makers what a plight it is to make a movie. While you actually have an amazing time, which of course, reflects in your Behind-the-scenes, it’s also helluva work! This movie is a sneak peek into the lives of college students trying to make a film during their summer holidays for a film fest. Feel the vibe!


Here you go India! It’s an Indian mockumentary; take those cameras and get set shooting a documentry of an NGO with all the inside updates. With all the fun and drama this crew experience, its a fun watch.


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