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What happens when budding film-makers, writers, actors and the most enthusiastic lot of the city comes together? Oh well, it become Tiny Talkies of the town!

New Year started with a bang as Tiny Talkies brought together splendid and inspiring films from some young minds for a special screening. With loads of fun and activities and involvement of the directors themselves, the best thing about this screening was that is all for free. Yep, you heard it right!  Remember that quote, “The best things in life are for free”? It holds right.

It started with the buzzing crowd filling in the seats and anchor taking on the stage.

While what is Tiny Talkies all about was brought out in the air, it was time to get the reel rolling! Every time the clapboard clapped, the light flashed and movies came out alive on the screen. Whether it was Hameenasto or In this City, each movie was a brilliant depiction of the creative isles of the minds of directors and the team and none was any less than the other; indeed, all of them, a piece of art. 

We can rightly conclude that the audience loved the screening and what was being presented as they munched and cheered at the event. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the highlight of the event was after the screenings, the directors themselves coming up on the stage one by one, adding a very personal touch, and asking questions about the films, as keenly members from the audience answered and won themselves some shots! Now that’s not something you get at every other screening. We could feel everybody going crazy with the flow of event as it turned into a merry movie gala! 

After reading all of this, you must feel envious of those present there. But don’t you worry, If you have missed out on this Tiny Talkies, well, all we can say is, good things do come back, so till then let’s wait and get set, for maybe Bigger talkies next time? (Why don’t you get your own movie being done meanwhile?))


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