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T-series’ first short film ‘Bulbul’, penned by the late comedy king and filmmaker Kundan Shah, after creating a lot of buzz around its trailer, finally came out on YouTube in December and it DID NOT disappoint! The movie features Divya Khosla Kumar, Shiv Pandit and Elli AvrRam in lead roles.

STORY- This 25-minute film based in Shimla is a total ‘will she/won’t she’ kind of comedy as it portrays the doings of a jaunty girl ‘Bulbul’, played by Divya Khosla Kumar. Bulbul is shown to be a free-spirited girl who is head over heels in love with a guy and would do anything to be with him and by anything, we mean ANYTHING! The twist of the tale is that the guy is in love with another girl who in the beginning of the film is shown to be in Bulbul’s dance class. The story progresses to show the various manoeuvres deployed by Bulbul to get her love and things take a crazy turn each time she tries. And trust us; she tries, A LOT. Divya Khosla Kumar takes on 7 different avatars in different amusing circumstances to woo her love back into her life and goes to great lengths, some of which may even be considered borderline psychotic but as we know, ‘the heart has its reasons in which reason knows nothing.’

CHARACTERS- All the characters in this film have had their own plate of crazy for lunch which does nothing but add on to the hilariousness of each situation. Shiv Pandit and Elli AvrRam have done an amazing job with their characters ‘Adi’ and ‘Sweety’, respectively. Other supporting characters seem to have been developed with the same intricacy as the main ones as is evident in the film.

MUSIC- Music plays a pivotal role in defining a situation’s emotion and there is no question about T-series’ ability to produce an amazing music line up. So, it goes without saying that even in this brief comedy, we get to see or rather hear what T-series does best. Each scene, be it emotional, dramatic or just downright funny is very well balanced with an appropriate background score. The movie also carries a song composed by Meet Bros. 

WHAT WE THINK- “An amazing job done” is what we think! It’s hard to make a comedy movie worth watching with 2 hours on the screen, let alone a short comedy with almost no dialogues at all; not that the absence of them was missed at all. Minimal use of words and maximum utilization of screen space with physical acts to create atmospheric comedy makes the film worth spending 25 minutes on. Divya Khosla Kumar’s innocent and chirpy performance only made the film more exciting to watch. The effortless chemistry between the concept, the story and the characters will make you go till the end because it just keeps getting better and better. For what it’s worth, this movie will at least, without a doubt put a smile on your face.

So from the desk of a movie addict, “GO WATCH IT, NOW!”


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