When Shortreelz Rolled At SHEMAROO!

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Everytime you hear or read this word, I’m sure some letters or a logo in blue must flash in front of your eyes with a flashback of where you saw it- newspapers, Theaters, T.V. advertisements etc. Right?

Well, you’re on the right track, we indeed are talking about that Shemaroo, however, not just the entertainment production house but it’s very own Shemaroo Institute of Film and Technology.

Doesn’t life get better when these I-dream-to-work-here companies get their own institutes raised for training and teaching? 

So, team ShortReelz walked to the gates (not literally) of SIFT and it was all talks and chats on Film Festivals and the Art of Film Making. While ShortReelz is all about a platform where the film festivals, filmmakers and enthusiasts and amateurs get together for a world of films, when this concept was introduced to the students of Shemaroo, their cheers and nods in praise only made us feel proud and encouraged for what we dream of.

‘Mediums through which you can exhibit your work’, ‘Why Editing’, ‘How to pitch yourself’;  these are some questions that brains of every film student oft rise, but here you go,  this query was well settled by our Founder Rohit Jain during the sessions at Shemaroo.  

And when a problem is addressed with a solution and solutions asks for a platform, and that too is served right away, well, it can be said a right time to pop in Cadbury Shots and say ‘Beta Mann Me Ladoo Phoota?’ Haaaanji!

Tiny Talkies an event of ShortReelz won appraising cheers from the students as they raised their inquisitive hands to know more and more. Tiny Talkies serves beautifully crafted short films screened in a cozy setting of a café; eat, drink, watch, enjoy.

Bridging the gap between Filmmakers and Film festivals, this session at Shemaroo Institute of Film and Technology is only another step ahead.

When budding filmmakers, editors and artists like the students of SIFT, with vibrating energy and passion toil courageously and gaily to make their dreams come true, there’s one thing that can be assured, that the country and world is soon going to witness revolutions in film industry and how it only gets better and better.


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